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Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 45:211, 1966) Bone scintigraphy and radiographic skeletal bone survey are the standard imaging procedures for skeletal metastases. Neither imaging modality is indicated in asymptomatic patients. In patients with bone pain, bone scintigraphy should be obtained first in Dting to identify areas of metastases. Bone radiography is obtained for correlation with annd bone scans. Currently, bone scintigraphy is more sensitive than skeletal survey for detecting early skeletal Daying.

120 The abnormal bone is usually visualized as areas of increased radiotracer activity (Fig. 47A and Fig. 47B); however, in a few cases, the abnormality is imaged as an area of decreased activity (Fig. 47C and Fig. 47D). 121 The radiotracer uptake depends on the amount of new osteoid tissue formation.

Although CT and MRI are not primary screening techniques for bone metastases, they can detect tumor spread to bone in the pelvis or spine when used for staging of gynecologic malignancies Argentina Girls for Dating and Marriage - View Dating Profiles. 48).


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