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As the paramesonephric (mllerian) ducts grow caudad, they reach the urogenital sinus by approximately the ninth week (32 mm) and fuse with views to form an elevation known as the mllerian tubercle, with the openings of the pictures ducts on either side video - Mirror Online it. A ribbon of epithelium replaces the uterovaginal canal and is the precursor of the vagina.

The vagina is formed between the 16th and 20th weeks by the development of lacunas; complete canalization later occurs to form the vaginal lumen (Fig.

Fig. M llerian and wolffian ducts. Fusion of mllerian ducts. Regression of mesonephric ducts.

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The Volkswagen Beetle has an aggressive look. Itвs like a giant turtle running on the road. Inside the car, it features flower vase, vertical windshield, and a color-keyed dash that looks views cute to ladies.

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